My mom stopped breathing about 3 weeks ago.

Apparently the law is that, while you can ask for an DNR for a family member (do no rescucitate – no life-saving measures such as CPR), you cannot ask to be denied treatment. I don’t know what the entire law is, maybe it’s because she has been unable to communicate in any way for weeks now and there was nothing written in a will, but even though there was NO reason to save her life, they did.

They gave her oxygen. I know it sounds so cruel. How can a daughter (and husband and parents) want her mother to suffer?

The alternative is more suffering. As you can read in my background post, there’s nothing left of my mom, but her body. There’s no way to save her, there’s no treatment to give her, they can just try to make her comfortable.

So instead of letting her die a couple weeks ago, now she has to have endless seizures (most of them small) that make her heart weaker and weaker and weaker until it gives out.

This is cruel and unusual punishment.