In no particular order, the following is a top 10 list of things I HATE hearing. They don’t make me feel better, they only piss me off. Most of my friends already have this list memorized, though most of them don’t know this blog exists:

  1. You’re in my thoughts
  2. You’re in my prayers
  3. G-d is with you
  4. Really, anything involving G-d
  5. Everything will be OK (Yihiye Beseder)
  6. This too shall pass
  7. Everything happens for a reason
  8. Things get worse before they get better
  9. Cheer up/smile/anything along those lines (stop trying to make me feel better!)
  10. Go to your dance classes/go to a party/go out with friends/don’t stay home (I go out all the time, if I’m not in the mood, don’t try to make me.)
  11. Don’t stop telling me your problems because “they aren’t as bad as mine.” If I don’t want to hear your issues, I won’t answer your phone calls.

Update: Number 12 received its own post.