I will most likely post about the trip when I get back, but I didn’t want anyone worrying when I was gone. 🙂

Tonight/tomorrow morning The Boy and I are flying to Barcelona for a week. We’re going to be in Blanes (Costa Brava) tomorrow because a Spanish band I love (La Oreja de Van Gogh) are performing there, and The Boy is so awesome that he insisted we go (he knew I really wanted to see them and they won’t be performing any other day that we’re there).

On Tuesday we’re going to the Madonna concert (strike a pose!) and on Wednesday we’re actually flying to Paris for a day and staying with The Boy’s friends (The Boy is originally from Paris).

I’m SO excited. My last vacation was the winter of 2006. This is SO overdue!

I’ll be back to posting when I get back, I promise. And as an update, I stopped crying 2 days ago. 🙂

Thanks everyone for all your comments!