I’ve been asked by a few people if I want comments. I welcome comments (as long as they aren’t cruel, clearly). I don’t have comment moderation on, but if spam takes over, I will enable moderation. Feel free to comment.

P.S. In case you meet me in person, feel free to memorize this list before you say anything to me.


7 Responses to “About Comments”

  1. Rosa la mas hermosa! Says:

    Hi talia, no Thaliiia??? or the other way around I keep forgetting…is the age…but don’t tell anyone. Here a few words to tell you how much I admire you and respect you. I feel honor to have you as my friend. You are ingrained in my heart, one of those beautiful treasures that keeps me happy and make my life easier. Thank you for being you.
    Melody aka Rosa la mas hermosa! after you of course:-)

    1. DofC Says:

      You’ll have to forgive me, Rossy, you will always be Rossy to me. 🙂

      Gracias por todo.

  2. Ed McGuire Says:

    Dear Talia,
    Read your post dear Mom I’m getting married…..tears. I saw your blog via twitter aprox 2 years ago. We have one thing in common, my mother died from lung cancer 26 years ago. I am a son you are a daughter. Different relationship but no less important. My mother was a RN, OB 27 years. We’re not Jewish. She and I were just alike in many ways. Holding two fists pushing opposite each other. Like your article I would bump into people who would tell me what a dear person she was. Met a young lady the other day at McDonald’s. We were talking about mothers, she shared how her relationship with her Mom is strained…to much alike. I told her mine was similar and I wanted to know my Ma deeper but never happened. I kinda buried my feelings about the whole experience. Tears….My Ma met my wife when we were engaged. She liked her, RN too. I never really shared much about her passing…not good. This is how I feel, when someone leaves our lives, G-d brings someone else not to take the place of, but to provide something lacking. I want to thank you for your honesty, it touches my heart. I am so happy for you…I would look at your picture and think…my gosh this gal is gorgeous…and her lev….is she married yet? But not in the Jewish way…ehh you know what I mean? It was medicine for me to comment on your blog, thank you for the outlet. Oh I wanted to share this too, 2 hours before my Ma died, I had this urgency to go to the hospital. I went and just sat and had a real heart to heart with my Ma. I was the only one of my family who had that….thinking to myself just now…G-d gave me that gift. She went into a coma about 10:15pm and the nurse said she woke at 2am screaming because of the pain. I didn’t say anything at her funeral…my oldest brother wrote a poem and read it….I’ll share it sometime….must stop. Thank you again…you are a sweetheart. I must use my Hebrew I took 26 years ago. Toda rava chavera tov, barei lev, barchot ve tefilliot, b’ahavah…

  3. Bella Says:

    I just lost my mom on July 23rd of 2012. I don’t know how to live without her, I can’t even go to her grave due to religion purposes, I can’t even cry front of my 2 sisters, 5 brothers and my dad cuz I don’t want to stress them. My dad is 71 and he been to the hospital 3 times after my mom’s death. If he finds out I m totally losing it and don’t want to live without my mom, he will get stress and might not live for long. I just wanna be with my mom, I m dying (dont like doing anything) inside and I don’t know what to do. I pretend to be happy front of my family and others but I sinking into the darkness. I just wanna stay in my room in my bed and cry and pray to god to end my life so I can be with my mom. I have thought about suicide but my family found out and I was told that I wont be with my mom if I commit suicide based on my religion. now I just pray to god and smoke 2 packs of cigarettes so I can get sick and die and be with my mom. I can’t live without my, I can’t accept why she had to leave, I m so mad at god. Please help me.

  4. Hope Rays Says:

    I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog award.
    We think the way you express yourself on your blog is very inspiring and motivates us personally.

    1. DofC Says:

      Wow. Thanks so much! 🙂

  5. Hi, I just wanted to drop by and say thank you. Your blog has really helped me this past year. My mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer in September, and she passed away a month later. It was excruciating. It still is. Only 21 years old and thrust into the world motherless, but then again, you’re never old enough to lose your mother, right? Your blog has really helped me in my own healing process, intentionally or not, thank you!

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